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DEMI is a company that was founded in 2011 from the great passion, handed down from the father, of the owner DAVIDE DEL RE, a person with twenty years of experience in the leather goods sector behind him and a strong dedication to Made in Italy , the real one.

Our laboratory deals with all aspects of the production of belts in an artisanal way , from the choice of materials to the final production, with a single common thread: Made in Italy . We take care of all those manufacturing processes such as cutting, coloring, sewing up to assembly. The models, from the buckles to the various molds, arise from the creativity of the owner and are therefore unique.

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Hand-woven leather belts

cintura intrecciata a mano in italia color cuoio
Cinture Intrecci

Woven Belts

Our “Intrecci” men's/women's belts are produced in leather and woven entirely by...